How Zero Qualifications Get you a Trump Job


So, you want to work for the Trump White House, but fear that you’re grossly under-qualified for the job. Don’t worry, if you’re a millionaire, the job is yours! Being rich seems to be the only previous experience required for Donald Trump. Of course we’re all fed up with traditional politicians, but there’s a reason most of them are in politics, experience. DC is full of career politicians, know-it-all historians, and crooked lobbyists, but they know how Washington works.

These insiders have actual governing experience that’s relevant to the jobs they’re doing. The Trump administration, though, has done away with the traditional employment path. Years of education and climbing your way up the ladder have been thrown out. We can look at HUD Sec. Dr. Ben Carson as our first example. Dr. Carson, a Surgeon, is now in charge of Housing and Urban Development. He has no previous housing policy experience, but he’s rich.

Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury Secretary, has no governing experience, but he ran Trump’s fundraiser during the campaign. With that logic, anybody who’s run a successful kick-starter can be the Treasury Secretary of the United States. He’s rich too, btw. How fed up are American citizens, to not bat an eye when the president they elected makes such random appointments? Very, apparently.

In a Gallup┬ápoll from last year, only 49% of Americans had a favorable view of our government. With that many people tired of the status quo in politics, we begin to see how Trump is getting away with swapping experienced political professionals, for know-nothing millionaires. Though for many, this is still no excuse. Being upset with Washington shouldn’t mean dismantling the institutions that have kept it running for so long.

The EPA Director doesn’t believe in climate research, the education secretary hates education, and the only black man in the administration is in charge of urban development. How can this administration succeed with such an oxymoron-ridden cabinet? The left will obstruct what they can, but really, Republicans control the government right now and have no idea what they’re doing. That should worry everybody.

By Jason Daniel