Nazis vs. The Rest of Us

My fellow Americans, it’s that time again. Time as a society to make a decision, as to who and what we’d like to be moving forward. It’s unclear whether these times are chosen by us, or just part of the societal cycle, but the time to choose a side is now. When a segment of society views tolerance, love, and equality as a fallacy, it’s up to forward-thinking, true patriots, to keep these forces from destroying us. Though, we’ve relegated ourselves to a two-party political system, we need to have more than a two-party thought-process. The ability to empathize with one another has been lost in our reliance on ambiguous ideologies. The Democratic and Republican platforms have literally switched places over the years, that isn’t reliable or consistent. What is consistent, is our humanity. We’ll be just as human tomorrow as we are today, and the betterment of humanity, should always be our focus. 

 We need to demonstrate courage as we voice our disdain for hatred. We need to show respect, even for those who do not respect us. Remaining silent among our friends and family have allowed intolerance to fester for years, but we’ll be silent no longer. Challenge hate, challenge bigotry, challenge racism. This is our generation’s responsibility, in order to move society forward. Generations before have made great strides towards this end, but the work isn’t done. Every time a generation rises against this reemerging evil, the evil grows weaker. If we remain dedicated to stamping out this cancerous ideology, we’ll one-day claim victory for a truly accepting society, where equality isn’t a question, it’s a fact. 


Nazis vs. The Rest of Us